Vitaly Design

Vitaly Design was born in the small village of Ubud, located in central Bali, Indonesia. Creator, Shane Vitaly Foran, decided to put his life on hold for three months to experience a needed change of pace and infusion of culture. He picked up and flew to South-East Asia. After six weeks of unplanned travel, he landed in Ubud and couldn’t leave. Shane stayed in this small haven for artists from around the globe for over three weeks – much longer than the two days he had planned.

Contrary to Shane’s extrovert personality, he spent those three weeks in a state of introverted reflection. Entranced by the beauty of the village, he was inspired to pursue something new – fashion. After coming up with a few simple designs, Shane received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to his tweets and Facebook posts. He then decided to take a risk: Shane invested the last $3,000 he had on his student credit line to create Vitaly Design.

Since April of 2012, Shane and business partner Jason Readman have been working on Vitaly Design full-time.

Vitaly Design continues to release new designs, works with a wide range of unique materials, and maintains a strong relationship with all those who have helped make it possible.

These items are some of the most unique jewelry for men that I’ve come across. You can make a purchase online or by visiting one of their many retailers around the world. For more information visit their website here.











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