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Eminem's childhood home in Detroit, Michigan

Eminem’s childhood home in Detroit, Michigan

Eminem’s notorious childhood home, the same crib that is pictured on the cover of his new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was burned in a fire yesterday.

The house is a 767 square foot, 2-story bungalow, located right near 8 Mile Rd. in Detroit, Michigan. It has sustained damage to the second floor. Fire crews were able to put out the flames before it spread to the rest of the home.

Officials say the blaze began around 6:20 pm Thursday evening. So far, it’s unclear how the fire began.

Public records show the home was bought by Em’s mom in 1987 for $19,900 and has had roughly 10 other owners since then. The home was eventually abandoned, and after failing to sell for $500 at a recent auction, it’s currently owned by a bank.

It has been advised in the past for Eminem fans not to visit the house to take pictures as there are many gangs and criminals that prey at on-lookers.



Guess who’s back, back again..

Shady’s back! Seriously though, the Slim Shady that we all know and love from the first Marshall Mathers LP released in 2000 has returned. Don’t judge the whole CD off of ‘Berzerk’, I can’t stand that track either.

I would consider myself Eminem’s biggest fan like the next guy would however I am thrilled to have the angry blonde back at it. His new album is as real and honest as the last when it comes to issues in his life such as females, family and fame. The opening track titled ‘Bad Guy’ is about a relationship he hasn’t gotten over so he decides to pay her a visit, ill leave the rest for him to explain when you listen to it. Other personal favorites on the CD are ‘Rhyme or Reason’ which is a sample from ‘Time of the Season’ by The Zombies, ‘Rap God’, ‘Love Game’ ft. Kendrick Lamar, and the radio hit ‘Monster’ ft. Rihanna.

There are many points in the album where he goes back and references the first MMLP that unless you are a hardcore fan such as myself, these references will just go over your head, so let me explain them for you.

In the first track I mentioned ‘Bad Guy’, at the end of the song he goes back to when Stan was driving the car over the bridge, however this time it is Stan’s little brother Mathew Mitchell who is driving and he has Eminem in the trunk because he feels Em is responsible for his brother’s suicide. Next, the second track on the album is a skit titled ‘Parking Lot’ which is a continuation of a skit previously where he robs a liquor store. This skit begins with the “Thank you!” as he shoots the lady at the cash register, he then goes outside to escape however there is a series of unfortunate events that I wont spoil. In the song titled ‘So Far…’, which is a sample from ‘Life’s Been Good’ by Joe Walsh, the beat turns into ‘The Real Slim Shady’ where he states, “I stepped into Burger King, they spit on my onion rings, I think my Karma’s catchin’ up with me.”. Lastly, he dedicates the song ‘Headlights’ to his Mother (Debbie Mathers) as an apology for writing ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’. He praises her for being both Mom and Dad raising him and his little brother Nate. I found it to be a very sincere track that shows he really does have a soft side which makes him one of the realest artist’s of our time.

The album will officially be released tomorrow on November 5, 2013. Make sure to go and purchase the album!