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Let’s see what happens next!


This morning, during a press conference, Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, admitted to his allegations of smoking crack.  Really!?

It’s obvious the guy likes to party but I’m still not convinced. I mean, cocaine I can see because it’s an exclusive drug like the mayor’s lifestyle. Crack is the lowest form of drug out there, designed and used by people who wanted to make the most out of cocaine because they can only afford small quantities. It just doesn’t make sense to me however, he admitted to it so it must be legit right? It’s almost admirable that someone who likes to drink and get high can attain a such a position to run a large city in this day and age. There is hope for us all!

Although, watching his confession did look awkward and dishonest, there’s definitely more to this story and I’m excited to see how it all unfolds. There is some underlying events going on that are placing pressure on Rob Ford, partly political and partly criminal. The best part is, he cannot be removed from office he will have to re-sign on his own. Well played Mr. Ford.

Do you think this is the honest truth? Check out his confession for yourself..