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Ray Ban Clubmasters

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Fashion
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The Ray Ban Clubmaster’s offer a classy vintage style to compliment your wardrobe.

They come in black or tortoise with gold framing. The frames were famous back in the 50’s and 80’s and are now making a major comeback.



In between hair cuts I find I spend so much time contemplating, “what to do next?” It’s hard trying to find a cool hairstyle that’s conventional for men, because you want it to be both professional for your nine to five, yet edgy enough for the club afterwards. Here is a couple styles I’ve noticed lately that do the trick.

First, is the Disconnected Comb-over. Much like the traditional nerdy comb-over, this style incorporates edginess by shaving the back and sides to create that drastic, defined look. The hair is taken aggressively close on the sides and back typically with a number one blade. This clipper section is taken high up to the point where the head begins to round on the sides. The back is clipped up to the crown and the top is left about four inches long to create that definite disconnect between the sides and top. Some people even go as far as running the the clippers up the comb-over line to give it that extra thick line for definition.

For styling, I always recommend running cold water through your hair first, comb it over (you can use a blow dryer is used to give height in the front), and then add a bit of styling product (preferably matte for a nice texturized look without the shine).


The second hairstyle I’d like to mention is a hybrid between the disconnected comb-over and Sons of Anarchy’s, Jax Teller’s slicked back look. This hairstyle was made popular by David Beckham like every other hairstyle in the past 5 years. If your ever looking for fashion inspiration he is usually a good go to guy. After all, he did end up with the hottest Spice Girl.


If you have any other styles that you think are dope, leave a comment or link below.

Stay Fresh!

Denim Dress Shirts

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Fashion
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Denim dress shirts look classy and stylish but they can be hard to match with your pants. You don’t want to look like you’re in a blue jean suit. What works best is a fresh pair of black or white pants. If you want to try something edgy go for a pair of camo pants or a nice shade of Khakis.

You can pick up a shirt at any thrift shop if your looking to make it unique and customize it with patches or studs. Otherwise, H&M or American Eagle carry them for roughly $40. They come in different shades and washes.

The denim dress shirts are a unisex item these days. They look especially good on girls when they got it tied in a knot at the front with a black skirt on and some gold accessories.. But that’s just me. Either way, these shirts are a good item to have in your wardrobe for any occasion.


Roots Sweatpants

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Fashion
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We all love to be comfortable, especially on a Sunday after a weekend of partying, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style.

Roots sweatpants come in traditional salt and pepper or black with elastic ankles for a proper fit, and the best part is they come with pockets!

Rocking sweat pants in public can be viewed as lazy or unfashionable, however everyone can appreciate a pair of Roots track pants for the sheer fact that they aren’t cheap. A pair goes for $64 retail and that price doesn’t change unless their on sale. I find the best time of the year to scoop a pair is on Boxing Day or Black Friday.